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Check Point 13500 Appliance
Blazing fast data center cyber-security

Check Point 13500 Appliance

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Large data centers have uncompromising needs for performance, uptime and scalability. High end security gateway solutions must perform network access control within the unique requirements of these environments while supporting the latest networking standards like IPv6. With the increase in sophisticated attacks, additional security layers such as Identity Awareness, IPS, Application Control, URL Filtering, Antivirus and others are required.

In addition to their vast performance and security needs, data center environments are characterized by rigid requirements for high reliability of its various systems. All of these requirements drive the need for redundant, serviceable and highly available components and systems.


The 13500 Appliance delivers exceptional Next Generation Firewall performance in its class and offers unmatched scalability, serviceability and port density. Benefiting from Check Point's advanced SecureXL, CoreXL and ClusterXL technologies, the 13500 Appliance is capable of delivering stunning performance in a compact 2 rack-unit physical footprint. With up to 23.61 Gbps firewall throughput and 5.71 Gbps of IPS throughput the 13500 Appliance is designed to secure the most demanding network environment.


The 13500 Appliance is designed from the ground up for unmatched flexibility for even the most demanding enterprise and data center network environments. The 13500 Appliance has 3 expansion slots supporting a wide range of network options. The standard configuration includes two onboard 1 Gigabit copper ports for Management and Sync and twelve 1 Gigabit Ethernet copper ports. A maximally configured 13500 Appliance provides up to twenty-six 1 Gigabit copper ports, up to twelve 1 Gigabit fiber ports or up to twelve 10 Gigabit fiber ports. The 13500 Appliances also have hot-swappable redundant disk drives, fans and power supply units. Lights-Out- Management (LOM) provides remote support and maintenance capabilities. Order the appliance with an AC or DC power option to meet your datacenter requirements.

1 SecurityPower Benchmark traffic mix and policy.

Key Features

  • 3,200 SecurityPower™ Units
  • Maximum security and performance
  • High availability and serviceability
  • Lights-Out-Management
  • Optimized for Next Generation security

Key Benefits

  • Security of data center assets
  • Modular, serviceable platform fits easily into complex networking environments
  • High availability and redundant components eliminates down time
  • Centralize control with unified security management and LOM
  • Ideal for applications that require Next Generation security
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