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IoT Security
Strategies for Protecting IoT from Cyber Attacks

Using Internet of Things (IoT) devices across enterprises, healthcare and industrial applications delivers productivity benefits, but it also exposes you to new cyber-threats.


Protecting IoT Devices

With 63% of enterprises, 92% of industrial organizations and 82% of health care organizations using IoT, almost every company is exposed to cyber-attacks. IoT devices make life easier for businesses. Unfortunately, connecting IoT devices to the network extends the attack surface which provides more entry points for hackers.

  • Identifying IoT security risks across IT/OT networks
  • Creating policies to quickly secure IoT devices
  • Preventing both network-based and device-level attacks


Key Benefits


IoT Discovery & Risk Analysis

Uncover all the unmanaged and IoT devices in your network and their risks

Zero Trust

Zero-Trust Segmentation

Enforce zero trust policies to prevent unauthorized access and lateral movement

IoT Threat Prevention

Block known and zero-day attacks with virtual patching and real time IoT threat intelligence


Check Point IoT

Introducing Check Point IoT Protect for Enterprise, Healthcare and Industrial

Check Point IoT Protect prevents IoT cyber attacks, adapting protections to any IoT or OT device across smart-office, smart-building, medical and industrial environments.

Delivering zero-trust policy tailored per device, Check Point IoT Protect uses:

  • Real time threat intelligence
  • 60 innovative security services
  • On-device runtime protection to deliver a complete, end-to-end prevention-first strategy for an ever-evolving cyberphysical world


Tailored for Any IoT Environment







IoT Risk Analysis and Zero-Trust Segmentation

Assess all the risks associated with your devices in any given moment

Real-time risk analysis based on IoT networks discovery, firmware risk assessment and threat intelligence.

From a single console, view all your IoT devices classified based on their risk level. You can even drill down for a risk analysis per device.

Enforce zero trust to minimize your IoT attack surface

Zero Trust in Source: Prevent unauthorized access and malicious internet from reaching IoT devices

Zero Trust in Destination: Prevent infected devices from moving laterally and accessing malicious sites

Auto-generated policies: Minimize your risk exposure and save months of manual policy configurations

See and control over 1,500 IoT/OT protocols & commands

IoT Security

The IoT Security Gap

IoT devices are inherently vulnerable and poorly protected, which makes them attractive targets. Cybercriminals are continually looking for new ways to breach devices, or use them to infect other critical systems. It is time to take action and keep every device secure.

Prevent Cyber Attacks on Networks and IoT Devices

Don’t leave your IoT Security to chance. Get the visibility you need and the security you deserve with Check Point IoT Protect.