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Preventing Cyber Attacks
Advanced Threat Prevention - 5th Generation of Cyber Security

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Introducing SandBlast Zero-Day Protection

Covering All Attack Surfaces & Vectors




  • Threat Extraction & Emulation
  • Advanced detection engines
  • Maximizes operation efficiency
  • Industry’s best management
  • Flexible deployment


  • Augments traditional AV at the endpoint
  • Prevents evasive attacks
  • Protection for web downloads
  • Phishing via zero day sites
  • Preventing reuse of corporate credentials
  • Anti exploit protection during run time
  • Breach containment
  • Detect and quarantine infected devices
  • Automated Forensics and remediation
  • Dedicated Anti Ransomware solution


  • Prevention of SaaS cyber attacks
  • Block of SaaS account hijacking
  • Preventing leakage of sensitive data
  • Fast & Seamless deployment


  • Full coverage of mobile specific attack vectors
  • Complete threat detection and mitigation
  • Best catch rate
  • Full visibility to detected threats
  • Simple & quick deployment


Zero-Day Protection

Check Point’s multilayered security technology provides protection against advanced and zero-day cyber threats, preventing attacks, minimizing risks and offering rapid response.


Built to Prevent

Built to Prevent

Attack prevention against advanced known and unknown cyber threats

Protecting All Attack Channels

Protecting All Attack Channels

End-to-end cyber security protection for networks, endpoints, mobile devices and cloud-based services

Multilayer Protection

Multilayer Protection

Mitigating threats at every stage of the attack chain from delivery to runtime


When It Comes to Prevention: Think Check Point

Check Point achieved the highest security effectiveness score and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) In NSS’s labs first ever Breach Prevention System (BPS) test. Highlights of Check Point’s results:

  • Test conducted using a single consolidated 15600 gateway
  • 100% breach prevention system block rate
  • 100% protection against off-line infections
  • 0.0% false positives
  • 99.2% evasions
When It Comes to Prevention: Think Check Point